The Sneaky Tiger


We are two Paediatric Nurses, who have written and illustrated a children’s book to inspire little lockdown minds! Whilst nursing in the community, I was devastated to see that children were so locked down their creativity and adventures were dwindling. So I decided to write books that would inspire children to use what they had around them to create an escape, adventurous journeys and fun.  Olympia Publishers recognised the need and value in our stories and we are extremely proud and excited that the first book is being published.  


The Sneaky Tiger


‘Ollie Bobs & Duke were playing in the garden, when they heard a noise.. .Duke said ‘Pardon? 

Who’s making the noise? What else do they find? What do they have to look behind?  

Come help Ollie Bobs & Duke look, to find out who’s hiding in this book.’ 


All stories were inspired by my own son's imagination and his favourite comforter a stuffed dog named Duke. Covid 19 prevented childhood adventures... so the adventures are bought to the children.