Bedtime Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Mist


50ml Handmade, Cruelty Free & Vegan Bedtime Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Mist

  • Gently Scented with lavender essential oil to aid Rest & Relaxation.
  • For best results use in conjunction with the other products in the Bedtime Range.
  • Shake to wake & spray a light mist on pillows & the area that needs to be freshened up.
  • Ensure pillows & bedding are fully dry before using.  

Not intended for personal bodily use. Please test on discreet area before use, keep away from polished, wooden or tiled surfaces. Do not eat, drink when using this product & keep away from possible fire sources. Keep out of the reach of children, pets. May produce an allergic skin reaction & harmful to aquatic life with lasting effects. Do not spray directly at eyes, mouth, nose & ears but in case of accidents rinse thoroughly with water & consult clinician if unwell.